Edward Thomas – master of prose

Edward Thomas has been much celebrated in recent years for the short lived but vital output of his poetry before he headed for the Western front and into memory. The influence of his prose writing – nature writing and literary reviews has been downplayed. This is regrettable.

The imaginative stimulus of ignorance….

I have this alchemical symbol on my wall so I can see it when I meditate. I must admit this is more inspiring to me than most Buddha images would be. I have no idea what it means but that is part of the attraction. I am reminded of that old romantic idea that landscapesContinue reading “The imaginative stimulus of ignorance….”

Cantos for a Post Modern age: Mark Tredinnick

Just posted to our literature pages: a review of Mark Tredinnick’s, Bluewren Cantos (Pitt Street Poetry) by Colin Pink Colin Pink says: “Tredinnick’s poetry combines the personal, the spiritual and the natural worlds into one intricate web of meaning. There’s a richness to his work that resonates from bringing these perspectives together. One might say,Continue reading “Cantos for a Post Modern age: Mark Tredinnick”

Geoffrey Hill: Broken Hierarchies (collected poems 1952-2012)

  Any would-be reviewer of this large volume is in danger of falling into abashed silence. What can one say about the life’s work of the person who is without doubt England’s greatest living poet, the only authentic carrier of the torch lit by Pound and Eliot? I imagine that those who first held theContinue reading “Geoffrey Hill: Broken Hierarchies (collected poems 1952-2012)”

Editor’s Blog – thoughts on art, life and everything

In memory and celebration: Seamus Heaney Seamus Heaney died on August 30th this year at the age of 74 after a short illness – he had taken a fall outside a Dublin restaurant. Physically he had been weaker since a stroke in 2006, but his last collection Human Chain (2010) showed no dimmunition in hisContinue reading “Editor’s Blog – thoughts on art, life and everything”

Editor’s Blog – notes from an English village

A summer evening in Granchester   There have been times when I well might have passed and the ending have come– Points in my path when the dark might have stolen on me, artless, unrueing… Thomas Hardy, ‘In Tenebris’ It is cooler now and the meadows have lost the smouldering Tuscan gleam they had lastContinue reading “Editor’s Blog – notes from an English village”

New Documentary about Nuns in Tibet released

Just to let you know that an in depth documentary film about the life of a community of Buddhist nuns in Tibet is about to be released. The London Premiere takes place on 30th June 2013, Sun Bulgarian Cultural Institute, London 188 Queen’s Gate Kensington SW7 5HL Urthona will be covering this fascinating and uniqueContinue reading “New Documentary about Nuns in Tibet released”

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