Essays on poetry and literature:

MASTERPIECE: THE ILIAD – Dharmavadana explores the great epic of war, love and human struggle

A DAMSEL WITH A COUPLE OF DULCIMERS – Postmodernism and Buddhist fiction – by Dharmachari Ananda

A FOUNTAIN SEALED – The tragic split in Coleridge’s poetic imagination – by Abhaya

THE FIVE STORIED PALACE – A journey around the symbolic cosmos in the company of Dante, with some notes for twenty-first-century travellers – by Ratnagarbha

THE NYMPHS ARE DEPARTED – An introduction to free verse – by Ratnagarbha

THE RED WHEELBARROW – Buddhist inspired poetry in the modern world – by Ratnagarbha

VOICES FROM THE MARCHES – boundaries and transmutations in the poetry of Seamus Heaney – by Ratnagarbha

THE GATE IS OPEN – The trails and inspirations of William Blake’s time spent living by the sea in Felpham by Adriana Diaz-Enisco

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