The Unanswered Question: Chretien De Troyes and the first Story of the Grail

350px-Perceval-Chretien NEW POSTING: The Unanswered Question

Chretien De Troyes and the first Story of the Grail

Just posted on this site under ‘Literature’ a major essay on the mythos of the Grail legend, as found in the original medieval text.

“I want to open this piece with an image rather than ideas about the Grail. Picture this scene: a young knight, in full armour, is riding through a wild and remote area of forest somewhere in the British Isles. But this is not really the Britain of history – the scene is set in that mythical version of the British Isles known as Logres, the realm of King Arthur. Now this knight’s story is to be found in a long poem written in medieval French by Chrétien De Troyes, The Romance of Perceval or The Story of the Grail (Le Roman De Perceval ou le Conte du Graal)1, which is in fact the first full-length work from the Arthurian cycles to deal with the subject of the Grail quest. ” ( For continuation of essay see ‘Literature’ pages.)



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