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Issue Four: The Ascent into Beauty
Exhibitions: Odilon Redon and Cecil Collins
Sangharakshita interview (part one)
Aloka on meeting an Angel
Plato’s Symposium
Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Issue Five: The Alchemy of the Senses
The alchemy of love
Sangharakshita (part two of the interview, on Neo-Platonism)
The art of Henry Wuorila Stenberg
New fiction.

Issue Six: The Unknown Image
Aloka on creativity, why paint and draw?
Sadaya on John Ruskin and the Sublime
Two modern poets: Evyes Bonnefoy and Ted Hughest

Issue Seven: Form and Freedom
Blake and Freedom
Milton’s Samson Agonistes
Chintamani: Mastery of Form
Ananda: Freedom and Form
Varachitta: a Buddhist artist Sorry, Sold Out!
Issue Eight: Tragedy and Comedy
Apollo v Dionysus in Nietzsche’s Birth of Tragedy
Jayamati on Truth through Comedy
Allen Ginsberg, a personal appreciation
In search of metaphysical painting
Shakespeare’s Tragic Worlds.

Issue Nine: The Symbolic Cosmos
Kathleen Raine: The Vertical Dimension
William Stafford: Magic in the Everyday
Dante’s Universe: the Five-Storied Palace
Shamanism: an interview with a modern shaman
Keith Grant: Ice and Fire – the journals
Karunachitta: Colour, Myth and Imagination (interview and paintings)

Issue 11: Romanticism
Robert Bly interview: Eskimos and other presences
Keats: Dying into Life
Mary Oliver: Beyond the margins of the self
Caspar David Friedrich: The spiritual in art
20 Great Films

Issue 12: Creativity SOLD OUT
Natalie Goldberg interview: Zen Writing
Vermeer’s Inner Transformations
Rembrandt: exhibition review
Sahaja interview: Welding Steel
Jane Hirshfield: new poems
Dhammarati: Culture as Landscape
Approaches to Creativity
20 Great Books
(Photocopy only available)

Issue 13:Japanese art  SOLD OUT
Basho’s Poetic Journey
Japanese cinema: Tales of the Pale Moon after Rain
Zen Arts: Moonlight reflected in Dewdrops
Zen Music: interview with shakuhachi master Ronnie Seldin
Zen photography: Hiroshi Sugimoto
Jan Garbarek: Saxophone and Wonder
20 Great CDs

Issue 14: Twentieth Century Retrospective
Seamus Heaney
Robert Bly
Urgyen Sangharakshita
Tate Modern
Conceptual art
Blake & the Buddha

Issue 15: Struggle and Serenity
Rilke On Rodin
Allen Ginsberg and the Blue Rinse Brigade
Peter Abbs on Emily Dickinson
Twenty Great Dramas
Kathleen Raine review
Verdi celebration

Issue 16: Spirit of Place
Gary Snyder: The Art of the Wild
Robert Bly poems
Aboriginal Architecture
The Green Man
Walt Whitman

Issue 17: Towards a New Renaissance
Renaissance Men:
Mondrian and Piero della Francesca
Conversations of the Spirit:
Sangharakshita and Kathleen Raine
Camille Paglia Interview
Keith Grant paintings of Antarctica
Symposium: The future of Buddhist inspired art

Issue 18: Rumi and the Path of Love
Rumi’s school of love
The face of Shakespeare’s lover?
Robert Bly: new Rumi poem
Buddhism’s Path of Love
Pablo Neruda: poet of love
Love in Handel
Tibetan play
Beginner’s guide: contemporary poetry

Issue 19: Writing the Healing Art SOLD OUT
Anish Kapoor interview
Ursula Le Guin interview
Iris Murdoch memoir
Jane Hirshfield: Poetry and meditation
William Stafford’s poetry
Kathleen Raine obituary
Phillip Pullman: Northern Lights trilogy
Robert Gray: The seeing ear

Issue 20: Root Vision
‘Visions of the Sacred Earth and Mythic Landscapes’
Gary Snyder on the Sacred Mountains of the Ear East
Aboriginal Art of the Kutjungka people
Andy Goldsworthy
Resurrecting Dragons
Coleridge and the Goddess
Stravinsky’s ‘Rite of Spring

Issue 21: American Dreams
‘A Taste for the Unexpected’
William S. Kowinski on a U.S. consortium
Gary Gach gives a Buddhist perspective to film
Interview with Michael McClure, Beat poet
Chögyam Trungpa: discovering elegance
Dance/Movement Therapy at Boulder’s Naropa University
Susan Murphy Roshi: The koan of dream

Issue 22: Art, Awareness and Social Change
Palestine – images from the wall
Artist Aaron Matheson on his unforgettable journey to Palestine
Gary Snyder – Danger on Peaks
Snyder’s new collection – an in depth review
Schiller, Neruda, and the poetics of revolution
Engaged Haiku by Ken Jones
Aquasculpture in Australia

Issue 23: Dharma of the Moving Image
Documentary: Ethics and Aestthetics Padmadhara
Robert Bresson – Ed Piercy.
Danavira recalls experiences in the old Picture Palaces.
The International Buddhist Film Festival.
Drunk on mountains and poetry –  Korean Cinema
Documentary: Ethics and Aestthetics Padmadhara

Issue 24: The Indian Issue
Contemporary Indian painters
Photographs of Karuna trust supported projects in India
Stunning black-and-white photographs of Mumbai shantytown
In depth portrait of the cave paintings of Alora

Issue 25:Celtic Connection
Tristan and Iseult, by Dr Thomas Jones
Taliesen for the 20th Century – how Ted Hughes belongs in the Bardic tradition by Anne Skea
Hermit Island – A new Haibun by Jane Whittle
Love and Zen – Hebridean Zen poet Kevin MacNeil
John Meiron Morris – The distinguished Celtic sculptor
Irishness in cinema a case of misrepresented identity by Ed Piercy

Issue 26: Landscapes of the Mind
Poet of Absence and Presence – profile of John Burnside by Ratnagarbha
Inner Landscapes –  Buddhist abstract painter Vidyalila (Val Hudson)
Golden Sunflowers – Vishvapani on how Buddhist ideas have influenced Western culture from Wagner to John Cage
Bleakness and Joy – Scottish landscape paintings of Joan Eardly
Blood Tender – extract from new novel set in Sicily by Rachel Ingrams

Issue 27: Art, Ecology and Insight 
Buddhism, Blake and Deep Ecology by Ratnagarbha
Hollywood goes Eco – Ed Piercy on movies from the last fifty years that have engaged with ecological issues
Buddha in the Forest – Vishvapani, explores the neglected topic of the Buddha’s relationship with nature
The Religion of Art – Dhivan on ‘The Religion of Art’ by Sangharakshita
Susan Derges’ remarkable ‘photograms’of flowing water
Wabi Sabi – Vajradarshini discovers the beauty of imperfection

Issue 28: The Psychogeographical issue   
Ratnagarbha on Reimaging the Buddha for the 21st Century
The Wild Places – interview with Robert Macfarlane
An introduction to Urban psychogeography
Cover feature – Janette Kerr painter of Shetland seascapes
Travels in Buddhist central Asia by Rijumati
Poets Go East – interviews with David Constantine, Penelope Shuttle and Fiona Sampson

Issue 29: Dramatic Insight
Pure Drama – Ed Piercy, former director of Cambridge Arts Cinema with a survey of Greek Tragedy on screen
Macbeth’s Karma – Buddhist author Vishvapani looks into the heart of darkness in Shakespeare’s Macbeth
Metal Man Turns to Paint – sculptor Sahaja now works in paint
Fine art photographer Natasha Lythgoe overcomes the  mind body duality
A Life Lived in Poetry – Vidyadevi interviews Sangharakshita about his love of poetry
Portfolio: Harold Mockford – painter of mystical landscape

Issue 30: Our 21st Birthday issue
Who was Urthona – an introduction to the vision of William Blake by Ratnagarbha
Pride and Prejudice – a Buddhist response by Richard Winter
Ten Best Movies of all time – by our movie editor Ed Piercy
Mariko More – timeless light, a remarkable installation artist with Buddhist influences
Thirteen Ways – of making poetry a spiritual practice by Maitreyabandhu
The art of Sukhi Barber – remarkable Buddha sculptures in Bronze

31: the storytelling issue
The Burden of the Prophet – on Jung’s Red Book by Peter Abbs
Interview with a Master Storyteller – Kevin Crossley Holland on storytelling
The Unasked Question – Ratnagarbha on the Quest for the Grail
Poetry – Mimi Khalvati, Geoffrey Hill, Vishvantara, Chris Hardy
Masterpiece – the Iliad – Dharmavadana on the greatest story ever told
Cover Story – Stefanie (Ine) Grewe’s wonderful book illustrations

32: The Goddess Issue

Waking the Sleeping Beauty – renowned writer on the goddess image Anne Baring. 

Interview with a High Priestess – Sorita De Este devotee of Hekate. 

Gravity and Grace – The remarkable mythical installations of nagasiddhi.

 Kuan Yin – Jan Osborne on Kuan Yin, the female Bodhisattva of compassion. 

Portfolio: Marissa Roth – a Photographic Meditation on Tibet.

33: The Friendship Issue

Sahajatara, haunting art photography. 

Dante & Virgil – a friendship forged in Hell. 

Amitajyoti, amazing Buddhist artist. 

Maitreyabandhu: mentoring with Mimi Khalvati

34: The Science Fiction Issue

Philip K. Dick, classic SF movies.

 Olaf Stapledon & Transcendental Science Fiction. 

2001 a Space Odyssey. Classic 50’s Sci-fi Horror Movies. 

Philip K. Dick gnostic master of SF 

Ursual Le Guin in memory and interview extracts.

Poetry from Lynne Wycherly. 

35 American Zen

The Crack of Vision: Buddhist influenced poetry in North America – Pound to Snyder

Rothko: Horizons, Empiness and Perfect Vision

Zen and Abstract Expressionism

Sangharakshita poetic influences

Ginsgerg – real lines of magic, a personal memoire of 50s California from Acarasiddhi

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