Editor’s Blog – notes from an English village

A summer evening in Granchester   There have been times when I well might have passed and the ending have come– Points in my path when the dark might have stolen on me, artless, unrueing… Thomas Hardy, ‘In Tenebris’ It is cooler now and the meadows have lost the smouldering Tuscan gleam they had lastContinue reading “Editor’s Blog – notes from an English village”

New Documentary about Nuns in Tibet released

Just to let you know that an in depth documentary film about the life of a community of Buddhist nuns in Tibet is about to be released. The London Premiere takes place on 30th June 2013, Sun Bulgarian Cultural Institute, London 188 Queen’s Gate Kensington SW7 5HL Urthona will be covering this fascinating and uniqueContinue reading “New Documentary about Nuns in Tibet released”

Editor’s Blog – notes from an English village

Bela Tarr – the ultimate director of European existential film-noir? Are you a fan of long, slow European art movies with strong symbolic overtones, shot in black and white or at the very least shades of murky sepia, in which the main character walks down deserted white roads in the mountains at dusk, or throughContinue reading “Editor’s Blog – notes from an English village”

Chomsky, Seldon and authority

Last Tuesday night’s Night Waves, Radio Three’s intellectual discussion program was unusually good. Philip Dodd spoke separately to the philosopher Noam Chomsky then the biographer of Blair and Thatcher and Public School Headmaster, Anthony Sheldon. The theme in both cases was authority. What is it? Can it be a force for good? How can itsContinue reading “Chomsky, Seldon and authority”

Editor’s blog – Notes from an English Village

A misty moisty morning today, as we used to say on misty days when I was growing up. I think we got this from Maddy Prior – we often listened to Steelye Span on Saturday mornings, and I recall what was then Maddy’s crystal clear, high, pure voice, with a hint of danger, like aContinue reading “Editor’s blog – Notes from an English Village”

Editor’s blog (notes from an English village)

Mist rising off the damp dark fields at the front of our cottage this morning. Not river mist, but fine wraithlike tendrils of mist rising from the strength of the sun on the damp earth. Not easy to photograph, but a fine sight, telling of the increasing power of the sun, and the waning ofContinue reading “Editor’s blog (notes from an English village)”

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