New Issue: Unknown Landscapes

Urthona Issue 36 ‘Unknown Landscapes’ will be out just after Xmas.

Landscapes move and uplift us in ways that are hard to pin down. Artists explore such emotional responses and bring clarity, awareness and transformational depth to the process. They help us to make the appreciation of landscape more conscious and meaningful.

As Christopher Neve in his wonderful book ‘Unquiet Landscape’ says of the work of Paul Nash: ‘pictures, like the landscape itself, enunciate with the greatest clarity a language that is beyond words.’ 

Join us soon to discover this language of the heart. To secure your copy Subscribe via Urthona Shop – top menu.

GroundWork Gallery, Kings Lynn shows the work of leading land art practitioners such as Chris Drury (Image above Dust to Dust by Chris Drury, mural painted on walls of gallery of mushroom spore print) We profile the gallery and explore how artists are highlighting though aesthetic means the many challenges facing the eco-sphere.


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Essays on art, consciousness and radical transformation, with an East West perspective

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