Backstreets of academe

Some recent sightings in the backstreets of Cambridge, not exactly dingy but not well heeled either. Raffish encounters with odds and ends…


Golden tunnel

to nothing good


There never was a road

Nothing is barred

Walk through the wall…






Threads of Nothing

Just a bundle

of threads

blue wisps of nylon

frayed, unbound,

holding to nothing

but one corroded bar

draping to the ground

without a purpose

a lost story




Shadow Bike

No effort needed

no weight, no drive

just shadows on the wall –

what sort of person

without colour or substance

will ride this away?


Weed on the wall


of decaying bricks


on crumbled







Surely victorious?

Suddenly vanished?


to better times…

A blue plaque

that doesn’t let you down,

doesn’t remind you

of last year’s heroes…


Broken PanesBlog6


in dingy

orange gold

front door

in broken glass

somebody’s hope

somebody’s dream


Published by urthonamag

Essays on art, consciousness and radical transformation, with an East West perspective

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