Sci-Fi issue progress report…

Urthona MasterYes, the next issue of Urthona magazine is in production. The theme this time is the sometimes neglected genre of Science Fiction. Science Fiction at its best can explore regions of human experience that no other kind of literature (apart from perhaps the heroic epic) is capable of doing justice to. It can greatly expand our perspective – opening up immense vistas of time and distance – providing thought provoking ways of seeing the world by contrasting (for example) human civilisation with that of alien races, or the puny temporal blips of recorded history, with the evolution and involution of an entire cosmos. The best writers open up these vistas with due regard for the subtleties of human psychology and human frailties. Such writers are moving into the same territory that Buddhists have been exploring for thousands of years.

Publication date: late summer / early autumn 2018. Here are some of the highlights:

  •  An interview with doyen of British SF, Christopher Priest.
  • Our amazingly knowledgeable movie editor Ed Piercy on classic alien encounter movies.
  • A vision of Transcendental Science Fiction, with a focus on Olaf Stapledon, and the Chinese classic novel The Story of the Stone.
  • Dharmavadana on that modern seer, Phillip K. Dick.
  • A feature on Arthur C. Clarke, including memories of meeting him in Sri Lanka.
  • Plus as usual a rich selection of new poetry, news, reviews and photography.

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