Urthona  Back Issue

Struggle and Serenity
Issue (1
5) published April 2001

Rilke on Rodin:
Sculptor and teacher Paul Hatton reveals the working
methods of a master sculptor through the eyes of Rilke.

Socratic Poetry:
Poet and teacher Peter Abbs on the Socratic methods
in the poetry of Emily Dickinson


Glorious Asceticism:
Painter Padmavijaya talks about his struggles to practise 'the asceticism of art'.

Ginsberg and the Blue Rinse Brigade:
An affectionate memoir of the
late Allen Ginsberg by Dick McBride.

Art and Other Power:
Maitreyabandhu writes candidly about his struggles as a painter to open up to powers beyond the self.

Where creation does some work...
Poet Manjusvara on 'seeing poetry'
in the everyday, even in the poetry of Philip Larkin.

 Twenty great dramas:
Urthona readers recommend the best in drama.


Stirring melodies:
A celebration of the operatic master by composer
and pianist David Earl.

Kathleen Raine: Collected Poems:
A life's work in one volume by the renowned poet and Blake scholar.